Welcome to Ghoulish Geckos! 

We are a small private breeder of leopard geckos in the south suburbs of Chicago. Our goal is to provide beautiful, healthy geckos. We are currently working with Enigmas, Subspecies, Raptors, Eclipse, Blood Hypo Tangerines, Radars, Firewaters and more.

Our hatchlings are fed a diet of gut-loaded mealworms dusted with rep-cal and calcium plus. The adults are fed a variety of dusted mealworms, dubia roaches, silkworms, and the occasional waxworm. I have also begun using minerall. All geckos are housed individually and are only together for breeding. We have acquired our adults from some of the best leopard gecko breeders in the US and hope to bring you high quality hatchlings

Our availability page will no longer be updated. Please contact me to see what is available or check the classifieds on geckoforums and faunaclassifieds. We hope you will love our geckos as much as we do.

About Us

My name is Kristi and I am the main keeper of the leopard geckos in our house.  My husband, Jesse, and daughter, Madison, also help out. All three of us love reptiles.

The name Ghoulish Geckos came from my family's love of all things horror.  All of our reptiles have been named with a horror theme.  I have recently started breeding yellow ackies and we're adding some other lizard and snake breeding projects soon.